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DEMOS Student Association- Maastricht University Graduate School of Governance

DEMOS, the study association of the Maastricht University Graduate School of Governance was established in January of 2006 when the first group of Master students started their respective programmes. The word DEMOS is derived from Greek and means 'the populace' or 'the common people'.

Most DEMOS communication is naturally with the students of the Maastricht University Graduate School of Governance; however, we maintain this website particularly so that you, as prospective students, can get an idea about the school from the perspective of current and past students. In particular, we recommend you take a look at the testimonials. These are submitted directly by the students and includes both what students like and where students see room for improvement. Please note, the school is very actively listening and molding the programme based on our feedback. Each year the programme is adapting and bettering itself!

Additionally, we post events and messages directed at all students onto our twitter account and facebook wall. Feel free to follow us on twitter to see what is going on in the social life surrounding the Masters and PHD programmes. Our student association DEMOS also maintains a Facebook page for both current and graduate students from the School of Governance, click here to go the respective page.

DEMOS strives to provide our students with a community that facilitates professional capacity enhancement, network development and academic achievement.

We hope this website provides you with a good impression of our organisation and the student community of the  Graduate School of Governance.

The DEMOS board

Scott Euser
September 2010 Cohort: So far, I have been having quite a good time in Maastricht! It is sometimes a lot of work, but definitely learning a lot! It's really nice to have so...
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Disclaimer: DEMOS is independent of the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance. The association is run by students elected each semester from within the current student body. You can be confident that the school does not influence the testimonials- this feedback from students regarding the school is "straight from the horse's mouth" so to speak.

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